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Project Submission

Project Gist

We will use Gist to submit your project. Make sure you have signed up for a free GitHub account. Login to and create a new Gist. For the description, put "MSAN 501 Project Submission". Add all of the files specified in the Project Requirements.

If you make changes to your files, you can always update your Gist. Just log into GitHub again, look at your Gists, and click the "Edit" button.

Submission Form

When complete with your project, fill out the Submission form. Just select "Project" in both of the drop-down boxes and enter the Gist link in the "Feedback" box.

Deadline and Grading

This project is due before Monday's class. There is no late homework. Even if you do not finish, submit what you have before the deadline.

This project will make up the majority of your grade. You will be assigned a percentage grade based on how how well your code fulfills the project requirements. Your code must run without errors to receive over a 75% score.