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Interactive Quizzes

An interactive quiz is similar to a lab session, except it forces you to think about the answers to each question before verifying if your intuition is correct. An interactive quiz consists of two parts: a closed-book closed-note 10 minute quiz, and a 20 minute correction session. 

Google Forms

We will use Google Forms to conduct these quizzes. There are a couple things you should know about Google Forms before getting started:

  • You must be careful when filling in your questions in Google Forms. If you accidentally browse to a different webpage or close the browser without submitting, you will lose your work.  
  • You may submit the form at any time, and edit your answers using the link provided on the confirmation page. If you lose this link, you lose the ability to modify your answers. 

So, it is very important you do not close or navigate away from the quiz page!

Quiz Session

The Google Form will be enabled at the start of lab. You have 10 minutes to answer as many questions as possible without using any aides. You will have the opportunity to fix incorrect questions later, so if you are stuck you should move on to the next question.

Each question will have an "Original Answer" box where you need to place your quiz answers. The "Corrected Answer" and "Score" boxes can be ignored for now. Here is an example quiz question:

When the 10 minutes are up, you should submit the form so that your original answers are saved. To start the correction session, click on the "Edit your response" link on the confirmation page.

Correction Session

Once the closed-book closed-note quiz is over, you have the opportunity to fix your answers. During the correction session, you may use any resource available. This includes running Python or R, searching on the web, or asking the instructor for help.

You must first determine whether your original answer was correct. If it is correct, move on to the next question. Otherwise, attempt to determine the correct answer and place the corrected answer in the provided space. It is important that you do NOT modify your original answers!

Consider the example question. We can determine that our original answer was incorrect by running the code in Python. To fix our answer, we place the correct answer (and why our original answer was incorrect) in the "Corrected Answer" box without modifying the "Original Answer" box:

If you do not finish the correction session in the 20 minutes provided, you may submit your corrected answers up to 11:59pm the same day. Don't forget to email yourself the edit link so that you can modify your answers from home!


Each question is worth 2 points. Questions that were answered correctly during the quiz session are worth 2 points each. Questions that were originally incorrect but fixed during the correction session are worth 1 point each.

Each question has a score field where you can enter your grade. Only enter your score AFTER the correction session. For the example question, we should enter 1 for the score since we got the original answer incorrect but fixed it during the correction session:

The instructor will verify a random selection of questions to make sure the questions are graded correctly. Cheating will not be tolerated. You will receive a 0% on the assignment for your first cheating offense, and will FAIL the course for repeat offenses. This highlights the importance of academic honesty. This class is PASS/FAIL so as long as you pass your final grade does not affect your GPA. This class is intended to prepare you for the remainder of the MSAN program—there is no benefit to cheating.